4minute Announces April Comeback, Finished Album Recording

4minute fans, rejoice!

The girls will be making a comeback next month with their fifth mini album. It’s been revealed that they have finished recording all the songs in the album including the title track. They’ll be going with a lively and charismatic image.

An official from Cube Entertainment stated, “The recording for 4minute’s upcoming album is all finished. The earliest it will be released is in late March while the latest will be in mid-April. April has been a special month for 4minute.”

Looking back, 4minute has achieved a good level of success with albums released in April. In 2011, they released “4minutes Left” where the song “Mirror Mirror” did well on the charts. In 2012, third mini album “Volume Up” received much love. Last year also saw great success with “What’s Your Name?” off of fourth mini album “Name Is 4minute.”

Soompiers, do you think April will be 4minute’s month this year as well?