m-flo and Taeyang Release Lyrics Video for “Go Crazy”

Big Bang member Taeyang was recently featured on Japanese duo m-flo’s “Go Crazy” from their newest album, “Future Is Wow.” m-flo is a duo comprised of members VERBAL and Taku. “Future Is Wow” will be released on March 26. A lyrics video was uploaded on m-flo’s official YouTube channel for “Go Crazy” on March 3!

m-flo’s 8th album, “Future Is Wow” will feature other artists such as Ayumi, Japanese girl group Flower’s vocalist Washio Reina, including other Japanese artists. 

“Go Crazy” is the title track on m-flo’s album. Much effort went into the composition and lyrics of “Go Crazy,” and it has received great reviews after being remixed and played by DJ Taku for various gigs.

Check out the video below!