Sunmi Turns into a Modern Fashionista for Grazia Magazine

Solo artist Sunmi has left behind her sultry vampire image for a photo shoot with a contemporary feel.

The charming singer made an impressive comeback with her second mini album “Full Moon,” and even managed to win a trophy on SBS’ “Inkigayo” with her popular title track. This marked her first win after leaving Wonder Girls and becoming a solo artist, making it a particularly special one.

For a photo shoot with fashion magazine Grazia, she abandoned her sexy vampire concept for a moment and turned into an edgy fashionista of the modern era. Known for her healthy body and beautiful proportions, Sunmi wore the unconventional pieces with confidence, and her professional and positive attitude can be felt through the photos.

The theme of this pictorial was personally suggested by Sunmi. The photos reflect the mysterious and sensual feel of Milla Jovovich‘s character in “The Fifth Element,” but in a more modern and chic way. It has been said that Sunmi’s unique wig fit her perfectly even in real life, and this simply proves the versatility of her charming looks.

The full pictorial and an interview featuring Sunmi can be found in the latest issue of Grazia.

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