Rain Cast for Lead Role in Chinese Melodrama

World star Rain has been confirmed as the leading actor in an upcoming Chinese movie.

While the multitalent has appeared on multiple Hollywood films, this will be his first time to act in a Chinese movie. He will be playing an artistic and passionate young painter, who also happens to be the only heir of a large East Asian enterprise. His love interest will be top actress Liu Yifei, and their dramatic love story will be the driving force of the movie.

Titled “Hong Yan Lu Shui” (working title), the filming will begin in mid-March. The movie will be directed by the famous Gao Xixi, who is the mastermind behind dramas “Three Kingdoms” and “Shanghai Bund.” 

A Chinese production representative commented, “We decided to cast Rain for the role as the character is smart and completely in love with art, and there is a need for high level of concentration in order to lead the story as the main character, not to forget Rain’s star quality.”

Most recently, Rain has been filming the upcoming Hollywood flick “The Prince.”