[Updated +Peniel] Kevin, Eric, Ailee, Amber, Min, and James Have the Best K-Pop Twitter Party Ever

It all started with this picture:


So much handsome in one photo

U-KissKevin, along with Royal PiratesMoon, had recently joined Eric Nam as one of the regular MCs on the English variety show “After School Club.” After a filming of the show, these two handsome K-Pop idols took a very cute picture together.

It wasn’t long before Ailee made a comment, starting up a conversation about how they needed to hang out. 


Of course, Mexican food.

Then, everyone’s favorite llama, f(x)‘s Amber jumped in, and Ailee made it clear that this was indisputable, not that anyone else minded. This Twitter party was just getting good, so the every-so-friendly Kevin decided to invite Min to join the festivities. 


“llamas the life of the partay”

miss A‘s Min wasn’t quite sure what was going on, but she caught on that she was joining something awesome. But what’s a party without some dancing? Cue the group’s very own dancing machine (who knew?), James of the Royal Pirates. 


#minsalwaysconfused should trend every day

James jumped in, without hesitation, and included some interesting hash tags. 



With all the right people in the party, Eric Nam was ready to get weird.


My body is ready

Now my questions is, HOW DO I JOIN THIS PARTY? I, too, am an English speaking Korean, albeit not an idol. I write about idols, will that do? Invite me!


But wait! We can’t have an awesome Gyopo (Koreans from abroad) K-Pop Idol Twitter Party without BTOB‘s Peniel! Whoo, Amber’s got that covered. 


aka group of people who are awesome

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