Jin Se Yeon Gets to Pat Kim Hyun Joong’s Butt

The lucky actress.

Actress Jin Se Yeon had the best kind of “naughty hands” and was able to give Kim Hyun Joong a nice pat on the booty.

On March 6, the KBS drama “Age of Feeling” released picture of Jin Se Yeon and Kim Hyun Joon as their characters from the drama. In the photos, Jin Se Yeon playfully and happily pats a laughing Kim Hyun Joon on the butt. The two are dressed nicely, as if getting ready for a party.

This scene appeared on the 16th episode of “Age Feeling,” which aired on March 6 at 10pm. 

kim sae yeon

Again, what a lucky girl! Who wouldn’t want to be in her place?