Yoo Ah In Is a Youthful Pianist in High Cut Pictorial

Actor Yoo Ah In looks youthful and charming in his newest pictorial for High Cut magazine. His youthful pictorial allude to his role of a genius pianist in the upcoming drama “Secret Love Affair.” In the drama, he will be sharing a forbidden love with the much older Kim Hee Ae

In the accompanying interview, Yoo Ah in commented his experience with actress Kim Hee Ae saying “I don’t feel the age generation difference. Until now, she is the best actress I’ve worked with.” 

The drama will air on March 17 at 9:50pm and will take up the time slot currently occupied by the JTBC’s drama “Can We Love.” 

Yoo Ah In models a simple, casual style on the cover of High Cut Magazine.


Yoo Ah In models a white button up shirt and navy blue shorts for a nice spring day.


Yoo Ah In looks handsome as he lays on the piano.

yoo ah in 3

Yoo Ah In styles an all white tennis outfit.

yoo ah in 44 

View the posters from “Secret Love Affair” here.

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