Lee Jong Hyuk’s Son Lee Junsu to Make Brief Appearance on Upcoming “Daddy! Where Are You Going?”

Lee Jong Hyuk‘s adorable son Lee Junsu will be making a surprise reappearance on the upcoming “Daddy! Where Are You Going?” episode.

On March 6, MBC released a preview clip of the upcoming episode, which showed the 8-year-old Junsu getting ready to enter elementary school. Junsu was the youngest member of the first season.

In the preview, Junsu showed that he’s still the same toy-loving, can’t-stay-still-for-a-single-second, mischievous yet lovable boy! But we can see that he has definitely grown over the past couple months.

The clip also showed Yoon Hoo attending Junsu’s enrollment ceremony, reuniting the two boys since their last trip together in the previous year.

Junsu and his father left the show after the first season. However, Lee Jong Hyuk has been narrating the episodes when the new season started.

Junsu’s appearance will air on the “Daddy! Where Are You Going?” episode on March 9.

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