Hip Hop Male Group Troy Introduces Jae Woong in Second Video Teaser

The 4-member group Troy dropped the first video teaser featuring leader and main vocalist Bumkey yesterday and followed up with the second teaser introducing the second member today.

Jae Woong overcame many difficulties to get to where he is now. He was a former athlete on Korea’s National Snowboarding Team, but had to give up his career due to a serious knee injury. Afterwards, he made his name in the fashion industry as a fitting model with a bright future and even helped to sell out the clothes he modeled.

Jae Woong said, “I decided to join Troy because music was the thing that helped me overcome that difficult period of time. This is my last challenge. I’m going to give it my all.”

Troy will make its debut on March 14. Stay tuned to Soompi for more updates!

Without further ado, check out his video teaser below!