Sneak Peek Images of “Running Man – Adventure in Australia”

The Australia Special of SBS’ “Running Man” is scheduled to air on March 9. The preview for the special has already confirmed Kim Woo Bin and Rain’s appearance. Photos of the cast and guests dressed up as kangaroos are attracting interest before the show airs.

On March 7, SBS revealed photos of the “Running Man” members and guests filming in Australia. According to the production staff, the cast members and guests will be participating in a heated race across the great nature of Australia. Many local fans welcomed the cast members and guests as they arrived in Australia. They headed to Tangalooma in order to solve the mystery of the ship wreck and continued to Currumbin to carry out a mission with kangaroos and koalas.

Kim Woo Bin commented, “I was amazed I could have so many first-time experiences in such a short amount of time.” Rain surprised everyone as he carried out all the missions skillfully like a professional athlete.

The show will also reveal funny footage of the “Running Man” cast members along with Kim Woo Bin and Rain enjoying some free time. “Running Man – Adventure in Australia” will air on March 9 at 6:10 KST.

Running Man

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