Kim Woo Bin’s Asian Tour Tickets Sell out Proving Actors Popularity

Actor Kim Woo Bin’s upcoming Asia tour has sold out, validating the actor’s immense popularity. According to the actor’s agency, Kim Woo Bin’s fanmeeting that in was planned to be held in Taiwan on March 15 sold out all of its 1500 seats within five minutes. After adding an extra date to his Taiwan fanmeeting, the second meet up also sold out within five minutes.  Furthermore,  the actor’s Thailand fanmeeting on April 5 also sold all of its 2500 seats within 15 minutes, while causing the online ticketing site to experience difficulties due to the high traffic. Like the Taiwan fanmeeting, Kim Woo Bin’s agency added another date to the Thaiand meeting, which again became sold out.

Regarding Kim Woo Bin’s popularity, the actor’s agency commented, “We are thankful for the unexpected love and support by the international fans. We will work our best to repay all the fans who have given support with the best possible performance. Please continue to give lots of love and attention in the future.” The actor’s Asia tour titled, “Kim Woo Bin, The 1st Fanmeeting in Asia,” will visit Taiwan on March 15, Shanghai on March 29, and Thailand on April 5.