SBS Decides to Discontinue “Jjak” Program After Contestant Commits Suicide

On March 7, SBS stated in a press release, “After a female contestant committed suicide on the set of the program, ‘Jjak’ during filming, we decided to discontinue the show.” 

Just two days ago, a female contestant was discovered to have taken her own life by hanging herself with a hair dryer cord in the restroom. The tragic news spread like fire, and several other cases of contestant mistreatment by “Jjak” staff also came to light. 

SBS also added, “We pray that she rests in peace, and would like to offer our condolences to the Yoo family once more. SBS will be doing everything we can to take care of this incident and ensure that a similar incident does not happen again.” 

“Jjak” has been airing since March 2011.