Actress Yoo In Na Says “Man from The Stars” Co-Star Jun Ji Hyun Is A Rare Beauty

Actress Yoo In Na recently talked to OSEN about how some people were concerned about how she would feel being captured in a “two shot” or “a movie or television shot of two people together” with fellow co-star, Jun Ji Hyun

The main reasoning behind that concern being that actress Jun Ji Hyun had received great admiration and praise from fans watching “Man from The Stars,” for her effortless beauty. No matter what ridiculous or silly antics she pulled as Cheon Song Yi, Jun Ji Hyun always managed to captivate viewers with her charm. 

“I think the people watching the two shot of Jun Ji Hyun and I, definitely felt more burdened and sorry for me. To me, Jun Ji Hyun is the kind of rare beauty that appears only once a century. For someone as beautiful as that, is there really any other emotion I could feel besides [admiration]? (laugh) Ever since ten years ago when I would watch Jun Ji Hyun on television, I have been a big fan. She is entertaining to watch. I acknowledged all that should be acknowledged and just went with that mindset into filming. People around me tried to give me this or that advice, but I don’t think I was that concerned about the two shot.”