Lee Min Ho Becomes First Korean Actor to Reach 20 Million Followers on Weibo

In under four months, the number of people following actor Lee Min Ho on Weibo has – wait for it – doubled.

Currently, the hot Hallyu star is followed by over 20 million fans on the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, Weibo. He is the first Korean actor to reach this great milestone, and considering that not even all Chinese superstars have such a huge amount of followers on Weibo, this a significant record overall.

A representative of his agency commented on March 9, “In the evening of March 8, the number of people following Lee Min Ho on Chinese Weibo passed 20 million. He is the first Korean actor to reach these digits.”

On November 24 last year, merely around 100 days before doubling the amount, he reached 10 million followers on Weibo. This means that on average, he gained 100,000 new friends every day, and lately the number has been as high as 300,000. Talk about explosive growth!

A source in the Korean entertainment industry expressed, “It is difficult to reach such a milestone with one or two hit dramas or brief popularity thanks to events. This is the result of constant popularity over the years, and now his popularity has no boundaries.”

Lee Min Ho is known for interacting with his fans in a fun and loving manner, and he makes sure to delight his followers with handsome selcas and short updates on his life through his Weibo account. 

In 2009, the actor made his entrance to the Chinese market with “Boys Over Flowers,” and has since then continued to pave his way to the top with “City Hunter” and “Faith.” However, it was “The Heirs” that most contributed to his final breakthrough in China, and he is now one of the most loved Korean actors in China. In January, he became the first Korean celebrity to appear on CCTV’s “New Year’s Gala” and attracted the highest viewer ratings with his performance.

As of March 8, the handsome star has been liked by 13 million people on Facebook. Overall, he has nearly 40 million followers on various SNS sites, making him the most followed public figure in Korea. 

His agency commented, “We believe it is the result of his honest interaction with and caring after his fans.”