Yoo Seung Woo Reveals a Glimpse of His Daily Life On “Human Documentary”

Singer Yoo Seung Woo appeared on the March 8 episode of MBC’s “Human Documentary,” giving viewers a glimpse of his daily life.

The 17-year-old is currently entering his third year of high school, and is living away from his family alone in Seoul due to his music studies and activities as a singer.

Yoo Seung Woo was shown doing the dishes and making egg rice, essentially precooked instant rice mixed with a fried egg and sesame oil. He said, “(I have to eat) protein because I’m still growing,” while wolfing down his meal.

He also talked about living alone in Seoul, “When I took the subway for the first time, I prepared by looking it up online many times. I wasn’t able to sleep on the train and had to listen carefully at every stop (for the announcement). It’s hard going to school but I like the air and the smell when I go to the music room.”