Lee Bo Young Reveals How She Initially Rejected Ji Sung on “Healing Camp”

Actress Lee Bo Young recently talked about how she first met her husband, Ji Sung

Actress Lee Bo Young will be guest for this week on the SBS talk show, “Healing Camp.” 

On that day, Lee Bo Young was asked to reveal the details on how she met her husband, Ji Sung, seven years ago. According to the actress, the couple first met in 2004 through the drama, “Save The Last Dance for Me.” While the co-stars were simply colleagues at first, the two actors started dating soon after wrapping up the drama. However, Lee Bo Young at the time had never considered dating a fellow celebrity at first, so she rejected him at first. 

Lee Bo Young added, “In order to win my heart, Ji Sung even told me back then, ‘I can give up acting.’ It turned out that before Ji Sung confessed his feelings for me, he approached the manager about it first.” 

This episode of “Healing Camp” aired today on March 10.