4Minute Reveals Teaser Photos for “4Minute World”

4Minute recently released the teaser photos for their 5th mini album, “4Minute World” on Cube United’s official Facebook page. 

Cube Entertainment announced on March 8 that 4Minute will be making an earlier comeback than expected with a Brave Brothers’ track. The title track is called, “What Are You Doing Today?” and was already composed and written since last June. According to a representative of the agency, the girls gave tremendous feedback and input to the music video and album jacket shoot as well, which helped speed up the production process. 

The girls’ concept for their mini album teasers appears to be a girl’s night out at a “Ping Pong Club.” In the photos, the girls are surrounded with lots of food and appear to be relaxing on a night out. 

“4Minute World” will be released on March 17!

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