Jackie Chan’s K-Pop Group ‘Double JC’ to Debut in March

World action star Jackie Chan is about to debut his very own five member K-Pop group named JJCC or Double JC. The group shows great potential with a average height of the members being 180cm. The group is managed by The Jackie Chan Group Korea and they are expected to debut in the middle of March.

The logo for Jackie Chan’s new group is pretty simple in gray.


The leader of JJCC is ‘Master Chef’ Oh Jong Seok. He is posing in the “Master Chef Korea” apron below.

oh jong seok

Here is Jackie Chan posing with the leader at the ocean.

oh jong seok22

Below is JJCC leader Oh Jong Seok on cooking reality show “Master Chef Korea.” The leader of JJCC is a pretty good cook who learned cooking from his family.

Here is Jackie Chan on a recent episode of “Happy Together” with subtitles.

What do you expect from Jackie Chan’s newest group? Let us know below.

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