ZE:A’s Siwan Appears in Teaser for New Vocal Group “SoReal’s” Debut Single “Heart Speaks”

Star Empire Entertainment‘s new four member vocal group “SoReal” has released a teaser image featuring ZE;A‘s Siwan from their upcoming debut music video “Heart Speaks.” The image was released on SoReal’s Twitter page on March 10 and shows a sad image of Siwan. The idol is under the same management group of SoReal, and his appearance should help the new group get more attention.

In the teaser image, Im Siwan is sobbing as if he lost a loved one. What can we expect from the new music video? Find out when it is released on March 13.


SoReal’s debut album “So Real Story” will be released on March 13. Below is the track list for the upcoming album. The four member group is composed of members Byun Jang Moon, Kang Sung Ho, Rhu Philip, and Joo Dae Gun.