C-Clown’s Maru Says Thanks to Fans in Celebration of the Group’s 600th Day

Idol group C-Clown‘s Maru recently posted a message of thanks to their fans in celebration of the 600th day since their debut. 

On March 9, Maru posted on his official Twitter, “It’s already been 600 days! Time flys by so quickly. We were able to make it this far because of all you Crowns, right? We will continue to work even harder in the future, and we wish for only great days with our Crowns in the future. Thanks, Crown!” giving a shoutout to the group’s fan club, and in response to Maru’s message of thanks, fans replied with endless messages of support and congratulations.

Having debuted in 2012, C-Clown was particularly noted as the first idol group to come from Yedang Entertainment. With the death of the agency’s CEO last June, the group temporarily suspended activities, but they have since returned, and will be holding an international fan meeting this coming May.

c-clown fans message 600 day anniversary