Upcoming Group Troy Releases 4th Teaser Starring Kanto

Up and coming group Troy released its fourth teaser video, introducing its fourth member, Kanto, on the official Brand New Music YouTube channel.

Bumkey, Jae Woong, and Chang Woo had already been introduced in previous teasers, and now it is Kanto’s turn. For his video, he offers a mischievous grin and holds your attention with his charisma. 

Kanto and the other members of Troy will debut with their single “Green Light,” which was produced by Keeproots (who has worked with Dynamic Duo, Leessang, and Eun Ji Won) and team leader Bumkey. The song will be a light retro song with a fusion of 60s Brazilian Jazz and funky hip hop. 

Troy will make their debut with “Green Light” on March 14. 

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