IU Thanks Fans by Releasing Song to Celebrate 2000 Days Since Debut

Solo artist IU has delighted her fans by announcing the release of a new song.

To celebrate her 2000-day anniversary, she personally visited her official fan cafe “Uaena” to share the news of her upcoming track. Titled “2000th Day,” her post updated fans on her whereabouts and the good news.

She wrote, “The song has been completely recorded. I hope it will be a fresh spring present to our ‘Uaenas’! I wrote it the best I could and had fun while singing, so you all are definitely going to like it,” and hinted at a possible self-composed track.

“I am not singing it alone, but with my friends. Now, well, your friends are my friends, and my friends are your friends, right? I hope you will be nice to my friends as well. I think not even a month is left until the day I reveal it,” she continued, suggesting that the release will take place in April.

“How has time passed so quick and how are already 2000 days passed since my debut. And why are you remembering this and making me moved,” she expressed her love for her fans, and continued to thank them, “Thank you everyone. I will make more fun, exciting, stunning, and touching memories for the 4000th day. Until then, let’s be together for a long, long time. Thank you, ‘Uaena’ let’s be friendly while living together.”

Stay tuned for more updates!