Ga In: “Every Dance Turns Overly Sexy If I Dance It”

All of us have our personal worries, and for Ga In, it is being too sexy.

While filming an upcoming episode of MBC Every1’s “Weekly Idol,” the Brown Eyed Girls member confessed, “Actually, I have a worry,” as they were discussing the sexy concepts of girl groups.

“When I dance, even the same dance turns excessively sexy when I perform it, so I can’t use those moves,” she opened up about her feelings, and demonstrated this effect by dancing to AOA‘s “Miniskirt” and Sunmi‘s “24 Hours.”

Upon seeing Ga In’s short but definitely memorable performances, the MCs commented, “There is a difference between learnt sexiness and natural sexiness.” When Ga In got embarrassed and could not hold back her laughter, they said, “Even her laugh stands out,” and begun to mimic the idol’s unique laugh.

Want to know what exactly she means by this? Check out her cover of Sunmi’s “24 Hours” on “Music Core” last week!

This episode of “Weekly Idol” airs on March 12 at 6pm (KST).