Song Ji Hyo Looks Drop-Dead Gorgeous For Fashion Brand YESSE

Actress Song Ji  Hyo looks flawless in recent photos taken for the fashion brand YESSE. 

In getting rid of all the heavy and puffy winter clothes, the actress looks refreshing and romantic in these new spring wear. As well as looking trendy, the clothes look casual enough to be able to wear them daily.

Also, the actress’s tvN drama “Emergency Couple” seems to be doing pretty well in ratings and the fans, especially the female ones, are getting crazier everyday for the Song Ji Hyo’s onscreen partner Choi Jin Hyuk. The couple, who got divorced a long time ago, have met again working as interns in the emergency room and seem to be rekindling their love. Most recently, the scene where Choi Jin Hyuk feeds sick Song Ji Hyo has brought much envy for many of the female fans out there. 

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