IU to Be Featured in Rookie Group HIGH4’s Debut Single

Singer IU demonstrated her loyalty to her teacher and producer who discovered her talent. 

In 2007, IU signed with her agency, Loen Entertainment, through producer Choi Gap Won. As a sign of her loyalty, she will be participating in the debut single of rookie group produced by Choi Gap Won. The group’s name if HIGH4 and IU will be singing a duet with the group. It is predicted to release sometime in late March or early April. It is IU’s first time participating in a rookie group’s debut track. It has been reported Producer Choi made a call to IU, and she willingly accepted.

IU announced the news on her fan café. She wrote, “The recording will finish soon. I hope it will be a refreshing spring present to our ‘Uaenas.’ We worked hard, we had fun singing it, and so you’ll definitely like it. I did not singing it alone.” 

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