Park Ji Yoon to Perform 14-Year-Old Hit “Coming of Age Ceremony” on “SNL Korea”

On March 15, singer Park Ji Yoon will be performing her famous hit “Coming of Age Ceremony” on tvN’s “SNL Korea.”

She will be hosting the show, participating in parodies of Korean music agencies, where she will return to the set of the music video for “Coming of Age Ceremony” in 2000, and ‘reveal the hidden stories that unfolded behind the camera.’ Performing “Coming of Age Ceremony” with Park Ji Yoon will be Yoon Se Yoon and Kim Min Gyo as her backup dancers, among others, adding another level of humor to the delightful throwback.

Producer Yoo Sung Mo from CJ E&M said, “We’re going to reenact how the immortal hit ‘Coming of Age Ceremony’ might have come to be with SNL’s unique style.” 

Park Ji Yoon’s new performance of “Coming of Age Ceremony” will be broadcast on March 15 at 9:50PM (KST).

Watch the original music video below!