Girls’ Generation Members Share Their Thoughts on YoonA and Sooyoung’s Relationships

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon, Tiffany, Jessica, Yuri and Sunny were recent guests on “Radio Star” where they shared their thoughts on their fellow teammates YoonA and Sooyoung‘s dating relationships.

YoonA and Sooyoung did not appear on the show so the MCs kept asking the others about them and their respective relationships with Lee Seung Ki and Jung Kyung Ho.

Sunny said that YoonA and Sooyoung did not come on the show out of worry that they might be “ripped apart” by the MCs, for which they are so infamously known. But Jessica made sure to emphasize, “Dating is not a crime.”

When MC Kim Gu Ra asked if YoonA and Sooyoung’s public relationships allowed the other members to become freer, Yuri answered, “We want to be more free too. But the problem is, will the public accept it?”

Yuri seemed genuinely worried for YoonA and Sooyoung as she said, “Even after they revealed their relationships, people kept taking interest.”

The members revealed that they knew about YoonA and Sooyoung’s boyfriends beforehand. Tiffany said, “There are no secrets amongst ourselves.” Jessica added, “I think it would be weird if we found out through the news when we’re in the same team.”

Although the MCs kept asking about YoonA and Sooyoung, the members did a good job in not saying too much. Yuri commented, “If the two of them came on the show with us, it’d be easier to say things but since they’re not, it’s hard.”

This episode of “Radio Star” was titled “It’s a Dating Generation” and aired on March 12.

Meanwhile, Jessica was reported to be dating a Korean-American CEO Tyler Kwon but SM has denied such claims.

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