IU Says She Would Want to Be Reborn as f(x)’s Sulli

On March 13, singer IU appeared on MBC FM4U’s “Jung Oh’s Hope Song Radio.” On the broadcast, DJ Kim Shin Young asked her if there is someone she would like to be reborn as.

IU replied, “There’s a folder of beautiful celebrities on my computer, and the person with the most photos in that folder is [f(x)‘s] Sulli. In my eyes Sulli is the most beautiful out of all the Korean celebrities.”

She also pointed out on the program that comedian Shin Bong Sun and actress Han Ji Min as her celebrity look-alikes, joking that the three of them are “an inseparable trio.”

IU chose Sulli as the most beautiful Korean celebrity, but beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Soompiers, who do you choose?