Northwestern Graduate, NY Lawyer Lee So Eun Flies to Korea to Participate in Lee Seung Hwan’s Upcoming Title Track

It’s not everyday you see a lawyer featured in an album!

Lee So Eun recently took vacation days to come to Korea to participate in Lee Seung Hwan’s title track for his eleventh studio album,” stated a representative from Lee Seung Hwan’s agency Dream Factory. “She came to Dream Factory’s studio on her first day to Korea to record.”

It’s been revealed that Lee So Eun previously had experience in the music industry. The last time she was involved in a project was in 2009 as a featured singer on singer Espresso’s song “Two People” before deciding to study abroad in the States at Northwestern. She’s currently a lawyer in New York after graduating.

A representative from Dream Factory shared, “Fans will not be able to tell that it’s been a while since she last held a microphone as her voice hasn’t changed much and she had a comfortable time recording. The song Lee So Eun is participating in is the title track, and she helped with the overall song with her uniquely sweet vocal color.”

Lee So Eun and Lee Seung Hwan go way back. She made her debut through Dream Factory, company that Lee Seung Hwan founded, back in 1988 when she was 16 years old. He also took in charge as producer for her debut album “Girl.”

Meanwhile, Lee Seung Hwan finished recording all the songs for his eleventh studio album and it’s currently in post-production. He will kickstart his promotion activities with his two-day concert “Lee Seung Hwan’s Special Retrospective + 11” on March 28 and 29 in Seoul.