B.A.P Hold Face Lollipops in Happy Video Message to Fans for ‘White Day’

The youthful members of B.A.P hold face lollipops as they give a special White Day message to their BABY fans. The lollipops are a special thank you gift for their BABY fans for the support they have given the members.

In the video message, the members talk about the people they have given candy to. The members also tell their fans that they were thankful for the many chocolates that were received on Valentine’s day. The special lollipops were released to show their appreciation for their fans.

White Day is an East Asian observance that occurs one month after Valentine’s days.  On this day, men give candy to the woman who gave them chocolates on the previous Valentine’s day.

Here is B.A.P in 2013 giving their fans a similar White Day message.