Lyn Talks About Marrying Boyfriend Lee Soo (M.C the Max)

Singer Lyn recently talked about marrying her boyfriend Lee Soo (M.C the Max).  

The singer appeared on the March 13 episode of SBS’s “Escape at 2PM, Cultwo Show,” where she initially just laughed when the DJs asked her about marriage.

She said, “We don’t have a home yet. (laughing). They say that the man is the one that prepares the house, but I don’t believe in that. If we end up marrying, I want to prepare our home together.” 

During the broadcast, Lyn even bragged a little bit about her boyfriend, mentioning that M.C the Max got first place with their January comeback song, “Wind That Blows.” 

Lyn and Lee Soo have been friends for over 10 years, but just last year, the two revealed their romantic relationship.