Kim So Hyun’s Face Is the Size of a Giant Lollipop!

Actress Kim So Hyun uploaded an image of a gigantic lollipop that seemed to be the size of her face! On March 14, the actress uploaded the photo on her Twitter with the message, “There is a candy this big. Today was fun with friends? Freshman colleague! Thank you.” The message indicated that the actress received the large candy from a younger student at her school in celebration of White Day. However, what stood out was not the size of the candy, but rather the size of Kim So Hyun’s face. The size of the large lollipop matched the size of her face, showing how small the actress’ face seemed to be.

kim so hyun

It’s great to see the actress enjoying the perks of youth and having fun with her friends, despite having debuted at a young age. White Day is a special day in Korea that celebrates love, similar to Valentine’s Day.