Set Picture Released of Rain Filming Chinese Movie with Actress Liu Yifei

A picture from the set of Rain’s first Chinese film “Hong Yan Lu Shui” has been released, featuring the two leads Rain and Chinese actress Liu Yifei.

The picture appeared on Chinese online fan community Tieba on March 14, and gives fans a glimpse of the two celebrities filming together for the first time. Rain and Liu Yifei appear to be seated behind the bar counter of a modern café.

According to the netizen who was at the filming location, the scene being filmed was one where Xu Cheng Xun (Rain) meets Xing Lu (Liu Yifei) at a café and ends up helping her out. Rain seemed very affable and smiled brightly at everyone. However, the atmosphere on set was slightly awkward because the two had just started filming and had a language barrier between them.

Rain and Liu Yifei play the lead characters in the melodramatic film adaptation of the novel “Hong Yan Lu Shui” and is being directed by Gao Xixi. Filming is currently taking place in Shanghai, China.

Rain will also be staging a special performance at the Chinese “QQ Music Awards” on March 27.

Rain Filming Chinese Movie