Girls’ Generation and Chu Sarang Take a Selca Together

Girls’ Generation and Chu Sarang, daughter of MMA artist Chu Sung Hoon, took a selca together recently.

Sooyoung left a post on her SNS account on March 14, saying, “The really cute Sarang-ie… Look here, Sarang-ah,” along with a picture of the girls.

Girls’ Generation members Sunny, Taeyeon, YoonA, and Sooyoung appear in the picture together with Sarang, looking directly at the camera and smiling happily. The Girls’ Generation members look delighted to be there, while Sarang has a blank expression on her face.

Of note are Sunny’s Mickey Mouse headband and Chu Sarang’s Mickey overalls. Chu Sarang has displayed affection for Mickey Mouse multiple times on KBS 2TV variety program “Superman Returns.”

It was previously announced that the four Girls’ Generation members would be meeting Chu Sung Hoon and Chu Sarang on “Superman Returns.” Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation are currently promoting their song “Mr.Mr.” actively on music programs.