“K-Pop Star 3” Top 6 Confirmed

SBS’ “K-Pop Star Seaon 3” Top 6 contestants have been confirmed: Jjarimongttang, Almeng, Kwon Jin Ah, Bernard Park, Sam Kim, and Han Hee Jun. Jang Han Na and Bae Min Ah have been eliminated.

On the March 16 broadcast of SBS’ “K-Pop Star Season 3,” the Top 8 contestants performed on the live stage for the first time. All of the contestants displayed their talents and captured the hearts of the judges and viewers. Sam Kim, who was one of the candidates for elimination, was saved by receiving the most votes from viewers. Han Hee Jun, who as also a candidate for elimination, was given another opportunity through being selected by the judges.

The contestant who received the most favorable review was Bernard Park. Judges Yang Hyun Suk, Yoo Hee Yeol, and Park Jin Young commented, “Bernard Park is back.” Bernard Park performed “Home” by Michael Bublé.

Jjarimongtttag, a group that sings wonderful harmonies through their teamwork, sang the popular “Let It Go” from the Disney animation “Frozen.” The judges were “a little bit disappointed,” but they advanced to the next round.

Kwon Jin Ah performed an acoustic version of Sunmi’s “24 Hours.” Almeng performed Panic’s “Station,” and created a lyrical and rhythmical arrangement of the rock ballad track.

Sam Kim, who was saved by the viewers’ votes, sang Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” showing off his skills on the guitar and displaying his potential as a vocalist.

Han Hee Jun performed his own arrangement of Park Jin Young’s “The House You Live In.” He wanted to “express the cry of a sad man” and captured attention with a musical-like performance.

Four contestants were chosen through one-on-one battles: Sam Kim vs. Kwon Jin Ah, Han Hee Jun vs. Almeng, Jjarimongttang vs. Jan Han Na, and Bae Min Ah vs. Bernard Park. Out of the contests that lost the one-on-one battle, the one who received the most viewer votes advanced to the next round – Sam Kim. Another contestant was chosen to advance to the next round by the judges – Han Jee Jun – making it a total of six contestants for the next round. 

Check out some of the performances! 

Han Hee Jun – “The House You Live In”


Almeng – “Station”

Kwon Jin Ah – “24 Hours”

Jjarimongttang – “Let It Go”

Bernard Park – “Home” 

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