Crayon Pop Shows Off Traditional Korean Clothes for Comeback Teasers

Girl group Crayon Pop has released teasers for their comeback single on March 17 on their SNS sites. In the teaser pictures, we see the members wearing traditional Korean clothes made from ramie and rubber shoes for their airport fashion. The girls also wear scarves and sunglasses for a vintage style. Crayon Pop’s fifth single album will be released on March 31.

Crayon Pop’s management has released a statement on the group’s clothing concept saying, “The practicality and comfortably of Korea’s traditional clothes is a big reason why we chose it as our style concept.” The group is hoping international fans will get to know the unfamiliar ramie clothes.

The photos were taken in Songdo International Business District in Incheon and shows off the modern styled architecture of the new district.


Here is member Soyul looking cute with the blue scarf around her head.


Crayon Pop members put their thumbs up in their blue throwback fashion. 


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