Jung Yoo Mi: “I Have No Plans to Leave ‘We Got Married'”

While we saw Yoon Han and Lee So Yeon bidding farewell to the show last week, Jung Yoo Mi seems to have no desire to leave her on-screen husband Jung Joon Young and “We Got Married.”

The actress participated in the press conference of MBC’s new daily drama “Mother’s Garden,” in which she plays one of the leading roles. When asked to share her feelings on acting in movies and dramas, and even appearing on variety at the same time, she replied, “In every way, it has been very tough lately, but it is not time to leave yet.”

“To take care of my physical health, I am giving my body healthy nutrients, but as I constantly don’t have time to sleep, I can’t concentrate. They are pieces that require me to concentrate on everything,” she revealed. 

“In the case of ‘We Got Married,’ even though it seems like we only sit quietly and everything looks easy, it requires a lot of energy. After wrapping up filming in the morning, my stomach is extremely empty. Just recently, we shot our wedding photos, and now we have to do our wedding ceremony, and there are still many things left to do. There are many things to show, and I also grew to like it,” she explained.

She concluded, “There are times when I think of wanting to rest a little. It is physically a bit difficult, and truthfully it is too much for me.”

“Mother’s Garden” is the follow-up drama of “King’s Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang,” and will air on weekdays at 8.50pm (KST).