Sechskies’ Kang Sung Hoon Puts Behind Legal Troubles and Announces April Comeback

First generation idol group Sechskies member Kang Sung Hoon has announced an April comeback.

Kang Sung Hoon’s sources spoke with CBS No Cut News on March 18 and said, “We are planning on releasing a new album on April 15, which is Sechskies 17th anniversary. The album is currently in its last stages of production.”

Kang Sung Hoon has been involved in some messy legal battles for a few years. Starting from 2009, he was reported to have borrowed money from three different people and did not pay them back, which led them to sue him.

At the time, Kang Sung Hoon’s appeal was, “I gave the money to my acquaintance, who knew those three people but that acquaintance ended up taking that money, which was where the problem started.”

In the end, Kang Sung Hoon received a two-year probationary sentence.

Kang Sung Hoon’s sources continued, “He has been doing volunteer work and cautiously preparing for a new album. Since April 15 is a meaningful day, we’re trying to fit our schedules accordingly.”

The sources also kept the possibility of Sechskies reuniting opened. “None of the Sechskies members have participated in this album but the members are still meeting with each other. The topic of getting back together keeps being mentioned,” they added

Meanwhile, Kang Sung Hoon will be attending the F/W Fashion Week on March 21. He will be walking down the runway as a model for “Sling Stone.”