[Noona Approved] Idols Who Rock the Guy-Liner Part 2

Last time, Noona chose her favorite eye-liner wearing idols and put them together in a beautiful gallery that she will be visiting every once in awhile when she needs a visual pick-me-up. Soompiers, for the most part, gave their approval and offered their suggestions on other idols who rock the guy-liner look. So, just because there can never be enough photos on Soompi of beautiful idols, here are more idols looking good in eye-liner for your viewing pleasure.


The last gallery had three examples of awesome eye-liner wearers from EXO, but it seems like I needed to add one more. Let’s be honest there, ALL of the EXO members look good in eye-liner because ALL of the EXO members look good in anything. 

Kris does deserve a mention because he is super handsome, and tall. I am lucky enough to have stood close to him several times and I can testify, this leader is just as good looking in person. 

Also, can I just ask if anyone else thinks that he looks like Sousuke Aizen from Bleach? Anyone else? Am I just trippin’? 

Suggested by SilviaN


This picture was actually given to me in the comments and I am thankful to use it. I was happy, in fact, to use it because Donghae is my bias in Super Junior. Even though his hair is just the teensiest bit long in this photo, his eye-liner is perfect. 

Suggested by won2min


You can’t have a fishie with an anchovy! I just thought about how Eunhyuk must be yawning in this picture and I just yawned in the real life.

Suggested by Shanett Jones


This picture was actually offered by the great Soomp herself. Soompi is an avid drama watcher, so when someone suggested actor Lee Min Ki, she quickly put out this photo. This is from the drama “Shut Up Flower Boy Band,” which is highly recommended for those who look to watch pretty boys rock out in school uniforms. 

Suggested by shaynanigans


Here’s one of the original flower boys, Kim Hyun Joong. I mentioned before that I didn’t really like Kim Hyun Joong until I saw his manly-manly side on “Barefoot Friends” (RIP), and now I can say that I, too, am an admirer of his fine looks.

Suggested by kuchulu87


Boyfriend was recently in the States for their solo concert tour! We have Soompi’s very own recap and photos from the event. Kwang Min and his twin (Young Min?) have a certain exotic, almost alien-like, look to him that you don’t see quite often. 

Suggested by Shanett Jones


Teen Top’s L.Joe was also suggested for this list. Whenever the topic of Teen Top comes up I always like to share the fun fact that L.Joe and I grew up in the same neighborhood. It’s a fun fact for no one else but me, but I think it’s really cool since I hardly ever meet people from Oregon.

Suggested by Yolanda Febrianti


This was a recent selca shared by actor No Min Woo. Here, he is wearing a little bit more makeup than you would normally see on a male celebrity. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t look good, because he does, he looks very good.

Suggested by Facebook 


Block B‘s Ukwon has a really great smile. Koreans are more comfortable with demure closed lips smiles, so I always notice when a celebrity grins wide and far for the camera. 

Suggested by Shanett Jones


I knew BTSV would come up, I just knew it. He was one of the first members I noticed right away from BTS. Isn’t he also known as EXO’s Baekhyun’s look-alike? 

Suggested by VindaF


Jung Kook is the other BTS member that was suggested. I wasn’t as familiar with him as the others, but as I looked through his photos I thought to myself that he is a cutie. Then, I started having this creeping feeling that he’s young, very young, and I made the mistake of looking up his age. Too young! You know what I was doing in 1997? I was rocking out to “Barbie Girl” by Aqua. What was Jung Kook doing? Being born, that’s what. I feel so old.

Suggested by Shanett Jones

Thanks to all the Soompiers who gave their suggestions! Feel free to share your thoughts before and you can follow Noona on Twitter and Instagram or ask her a question

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