B1A4 Releases Dance Practice Video for “Lonely” as a Gift to Fans for 3 Million Youtube Views

B1A4 released the dance practice video for its romantic single “Lonely” as a gift to the fans. The group promised to release the video when the music video for the single reached three million views on Youtube. The MV reached three million views today, and the dance practice session video was released to the pleasure of their fans.

The members look stylish in their casual clothes as they move in sync with each other in the dance studio. The video gives us an opportunity to see the full choreography without edits, which allows us to focus more on the individual members.

Enjoy B1A4’s dance practice for their single “Lonely” below.

Below is version one of the music video for B1A4’s “Lonely” that received over 3 million views.

Below is version two of the music video for “Lonely.”

 Below is the M/V ‘making of’ video for “Lonely” below.