miss A’s Suzy Transforms into Various Everyday People in New CF

miss A‘s youngest member, Suzy may have earned the “Nation’s First Love” title with her endearing roles, but she transforms into various everyday characters in her new endorsement deal.

A still shot was recently released of Suzy portraying a nurse and a policewoman. For the campaign, she also transforms into a student, a soldier, and a singer like herself. This is in connection with the TV commercials produced for Guangdong Pharmaceuticals’ product, Vita-C

Apart from the different looks, the campaign also features a song with lyrics that are easy to sing along. 

Netizens who have come upon the photos commented with “The look of Suzy is nice and innocent but her mischievous smile charges like vitamins,” “It feels like spring is on with this fresh atmosphere” and other similar reactions.

 miss A Vita C