Lee Hyori Looks Beautiful in Green for Allure

Lee Hyori surrounded herself in nature for the April edition of Allure Magazine.

In this pictorial for the beauty and fashion magazine, Hyori showed that she is just as beautiful and alluring as ever. In the photos she wears long white dresses and soft pastel colors for a pure and innocent look. In one photo, she wears a sexy mint colored outfit that shows off her enviable curves.

In an interview for the magazine, Hyori talked about her new home on Jeju Island. She and her husband, Lee Sang Soon, live in an environmentally friendly home, complete with solar powered energy, with their three dogs and two cats. “We just planted some rapeseed, but by next year I want a full farm. 

The singer also talked about her new life as one half of a married couple. “When I lived alone, I couldn’t come down to Jeju Island. My husband had also wanted to move down. It wasn’t because we wanted to get married quickly that we married as fast as we did, it was because we both wanted to move to Jeju Island quickly. After moving here, we live like we’re living according to a sundial. We wake up when the sun goes up, and sleep when it goes down.” 

The full interview can be found in the April edition of Allure Magazine.

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