Suzy Makes Surprise Appearance at Yoo Jae Suk’s New Variety Show “I Am a Man”

Expectations are rising for KBS2’s latest variety program “I Am a Man” as recent news about Suzy‘s sudden appearance on the first episode have emerged on the internet.

“I Am a Man” is described as a men’s program with manly entertainment for men, and even the slogan states, “Women, don’t watch.” Led by Nation’s MC Yoo Jae Suk, female guests will be invited to the show every week. To launch the show with a must-see episode, miss A member and Nation’s First Love Suzy has participated in the filming.

According to a participant of the show, the star entered the set without any prior notice, surprising all MCs and the audience of 250 ordinary male students.

Suzy was given a task to look for her ideal type among the audience, and she even handed flowers to the young men. Some lucky ones were able to snap a photo together with her. A photo taken during the filming was recently uploaded on an online discussion board, gaining a lot of attention from fans.

“I Am a Man” will air its pilot episode on April 9.