Park Hae Jin Wins “Star Citizen Award” at 4th Citizens Awards in China

Actor Park Hae Jin attended the 4th Citizens Awards ceremony in Beijing, China, on March 18 and took home the “Star Citizen Award,”  becoming the first Korean to be invited to the ceremony and win an award.

The “Star Citizen Award” recognizes the efforts of 10 actors who have made a difference. Popular actors and actresses including Fan Bing Bing, Yang Mi and Hai Qing received awards at last year’s 3rd Citizens Awards.

Park Hae Jin walked the red carpet together with Chinese model Zhang Liang, appearing in an eye-catching red jacket. He was the ninth celebrity to go on stage to receive the prestigious award.

He expressed, “I feel burdened since I have not done much to receive such a big award. In Korea, I am helping child victims of sexual assault, as well as elderly people who live alone, and I am thinking of helping people with similar circumstances in China. I will work harder and develop myself in order to become an actor suited to this prize.”

The “Star Citizen Award” is decided by an actor’s participation in public interest activities (40%), the caliber of the actor and the quality of the project (20%), actor’s popularity (20%) and public influence within China (20%). The immense popularity of “Man from the Stars” in China and Park Hae Jin’s volunteer work were no doubt huge contributing factors to his win.

Park Hae Jin will take on a new role as one of Korea’s elite doctors, Han Jae Joon, in upcoming SBS drama “Doctor Stranger,” which premieres in April.

Park Hae Jin at 4th Citizens Awards