Kim Woo Bin Takes Over Taiwanese Newspapers for Three Days Straight

Kim Woo Bin is taking up Asia by a storm!

On March 20, Sidus HQ reported that Kim Woo Bin has been on the front page of four of Taiwan’s biggest papers including United Daily News, Liberty Times, China Times and Apple Daily for three days straight.

From March 14 to March 16, Taiwanese newspapers reported Kim Woo Bin’s first Taiwanese fan meeting as well as press conference for three days straight, proving the actor’s immense popularity in the country.

The moment Kim Woo Bin landed at the Taoyuan Airport, he was met with a hot welcome from around 800 fans and the media.

One of Taiwan’s biggest newspapers, United Daily News, even called Kim Woo Bin, “Asia’s Male God.” Other articles also mentioned Kim Woo Bin’s honest and friendly personality when encountering fans and the press.

Kim Woo Bin expressed his gratitude at his fan meeting by throwing all sorts of fun events such as a song performance and having a hug session with fans.

Meanwhile, Kim Woo Bin will be holding fan meetings in other Asian countries such as Shanghai and Thailand. Afterwards, he will go into shooting his next film, “The Technicians.”

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