YG Entertainment Drops Yet Another Mysterious Teaser Announcing Someone’s Comeback Date

This isn’t the first time YG Entertainment has released a mysterious teaser photo that raises more questions than answering any, and it won’t be the last. 

On March 21, the agency’s official website released a simple teaser image that has the word “Who’s Next” and the date of April 7, 2014. YG has yet to clarify who the comeback date is for, but there are a few guesses going around the internet. 

PSY has mentioned several times that he is preparing for a comeback and photos of him, G-Dragon, CL, and Snoop Dog filming the music videos have been released periodically. Rookie group Winner and “K-Pop Star” alumni Akdong Musician are also some names that are being suggested. 

When YG Entertainment was reached out for a comment, they said, “We plan on revealing who the artist is in our second teaser next week.