BEAST’s Yong Junhyung Shows His Huge Appetite in Lee Seung Hwan’s Second Teaser

Veteran singer Lee Seung Hwan will return with his new album, and the latest teaser for his new song featured BEAST’s rapper Yong Jun Hyung. Yet, the rapper showed a different side than his usual charismatic image as the BEAST member was shown eating large amounts of food in front of an audience that tuned in on the internet to watch him. Parodying the Korean craze in which BJs (broadcast jockeys) hold their own internet shows that convey them deliciously eating food while talking to their audience, Yong Jun Hyung’s hilarious eating broadcast displayed the rapper stuffing his face with all types of food.

As the second teaser of Lee Seung Hwan’s new song, “Respond Only to You” previewed its upbeat melody, Yong Jun Hyung’s hilarious transformation stirred the anticipation of fans towards the song and how the music video would illustrate the Beast member’s funny appearance.

“Respond Only to You” will be released on March 26. Did you notice Yong Jun Hyung’s hilarious burger sweater? Check it out in the second teaser below!