The Baby from g.o.d’s “Babysitting Diaries” Is All Grown Up!

On the March 23 episode of MBC’s “Happy Sunday,” the show revealed a photo of the toddler who had featured on “g.o.d’s Babysitting Diaries” 14 years ago. The variety show in which g.o.d had starred in back in 2000 followed the boy group babysitting a toddler named Jae Min. Although at the time the baby could barely talk, fans of the show had been curious about what Jae Min had been up to. As an old photo of Jun Ji Hyun holding Jae Min as a toddler re-surfaced, people were reminded of the hilarious variety show that they had watched 14 years ago.

g.o.d babysitting

However, people’s curiosities were answered as “Happy Sunday” revealed a recent photo of Jae Min wearing his high school uniform, surprising everybody by how the cute toddler had grown into a handsome young man. Boy, does time sure go by fast!

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