“Running Man” Ace Song Ji Hyo Punishes Seungri and Kang Ha Neul for Getting in Her Way

Actor Kang Ha Neul and BIGBANG’s Seungri were overpowered by Song Ji Hyo on this week’s episode of “Running Man.”

SBS “Running Man” invited the cast of new SBS weekend drama, “Angel Eyes,” over to play on the March 23 episode. Lee Sang Yoon, Goo Hye Sun, Kwon Hae Hyo, Kim Ji Suk, Kang Ha Neul, Gong Hyung Jin and BIGBANG’s Seungri made up the “Angel Eyes” team.

Song Ji Hyo raced up the stairs in order to fulfill a mission in a teamwork battle, but Seungri was determined to prevent her from completing the mission. This was followed by Kang Ha Neul’s attempt to steal her walkie-talkie, and both boys grabbed on to her legs so she couldn’t leave. The ace showed her hand, deftly dealing the boys with quick smacks and triumphantly escaped.

During the show introductions, Kim Jong Kook also revealed that Kim Ji Suk was the original heodang, with Haha adding that his role was similar to Lee Kwang Soo‘s now, but that his image has changed a lot since.

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