Big Bang’s Seungri: “The Other Members Didn’t Give Me Any Advice for the Drama”

Big Bang’s Seungri is set to star in the SBS drama “Angel Eyes,” and the the singer is ready to show his different charm.

On the March 24 broadcast of SBS’ “Good Morning,” the show joined the cast on set of filming. Among the cast, the Big Bang member was easily recognizable, although the singer was busy reading his script and getting into character. As Seungri will act as the rookie firefighter Teddy Suh, the singer showed excitement in challenging a new personality.

In regards to his character, the Big Bang member expressed, “I play a rookie firefighter Teddy Suh who speaks both in English and Choong-Chung Do dialect.” When asked about what the other Big Bang members had to say about his upcoming drama, Seungri commented, “The other members didn’t really say anything. They said for me to do well on my own, and those kinds of comments actually gave me strength.”

seungri angel eyes

“Angel Eyes” is a drama about a man and a woman who in the past had to leave each other due to hurtful family issues, but become reunited 12 years later. The former first loves will experience new emotions as their relationship grows and changes from their younger days. The first episode of SBS’ “Angel Eyes” will air on April 5 at 9:55 PM (KST)

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